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How to Style Your Antidote Pants

pants are pants and these are the Antidote
mega style points. styles for miles if you pull this look
no strings attached. just pop and crop. the most popular look

KNEE HIGH for ultimate mobility. mountain climbers love it knee high
for ultimate mobility. mountain climbers and yogis love it knee high
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  • the other week i thought i saw a video on selecting best size but i cannot locate it now on your site? Am i imagining this?…if not please send link! Thanks.

    Katherine Mutti on
  • I just received my second pair of Antidote pants….. Loving the new Atlantis blue!
    The Hemp two-way stretch material is perfect for my Active Yin classes in Vancouver…. The more you wash them the better they feel! I get compliments every time I wear them… Thx Blake for designing a dope stylish multifunctional pant, that is eco friendly! ❤️❤️❤️🙏

    RIsto Duggan on
  • Hello. Would love to see the waist band on your pants as all the pictures cover it up with tees. Cheers.

    Bernadine on
  • Hi Karen,

    Yes, we just sewed up more Black Antidote pants! You will find them right on the SHOP page :)

    Blake on
  • Do you offer them in black?

    Karen King on

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