Feelmore in what you wear - Seed

"Transform industry. Community made clothing"

100% ethically made in Cochrane AB, Canada.


The story of Seed began at my kitchen table..

Just Blake and a sewing machine. This sewing machine.

I set out to make the best clothing on the planet from day one. This meant, it had to 1. be made local, 2. come from natural fibers, 3. be ultra comfy, and 4. actually look great (rare for natural clothing!).

I took the best fabrics on earth, and studied the foremost design and construction methods. This was Seed’s secret sauce from the very start - the way I had somebody stop in their tracks the moment they saw or touched a Seed garment. “Wow! What is thiiiiis?” became the first words uttered so many times as their eyes opened wide and they tugged on their friends to come see what just took their breath away.

Our mission is to cause chills down your spine every morning that you walk into the closet, and pull Seed over your body. We exist to ignite human souls through clothing that jumps off the radar with fit and comfort brilliance.

By leading the way in local hemp manufacturing, “crop to top” as we call it, we have created a fun way for people to join our movement toward 100% local supply chain. Our mission - all Seed clothing from local hemp crops. Seed’s way of life is local to the bone. Because what’s more communal than growing clothing together right in our own black dirt? From crop to top, right here in Cochrane, Alberta.


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"I can't stop wearing my Antidote pants."

"The best pants I've ever owned."

"It feels like I'm not even wearing pants."

"Just received my antidote pants a few weeks ago and I am blown away by how awesome they are. I work for a non-profit and travel often to remote places to work with clean water and I am always looking for clothing that's comfortable and functional, you have truly made that happen with these pants. In my spare time I trail run, hike, rock climb and more and recently I have been wearing the pants for it all and they have held up perfectly. I was originally concerned with the price of the pants even though I know they are made with love and by a roots company it was tough at first to justify the cost. But I now know they are worth every penny as they replace having to need multiple pants for different activities. Awesome job Seed family and cant wait to order another pair soon."- Stevie Santoes 

"I have never loved pants as much as I love these. My Seed pants are comfort meets practical, meets sustainability, meets fashion, meets good for the earth! I never want to take them off. Well, only to change to my other pair of Seed pants."

-Kyla Bedard 

"Blake, I met you in Vancouver at a yoga expo and bought a pair of the Antidote pants immediately after trying them on. You already know this, but you've got an epic fucking product. I wear these pants everywhere and I think it should everyone's basic right to own a pair."

-Derek Mackenzie

"Just a quick email as I had received my shipment earlier this week. I'm extremely impressed with the fit of these pants, so I just wanted to let you know that your size recommendation couldn't have been better. If there is anywhere I can go online to write a review regarding my experience with you and your company, I would be more than happy to do so.

Thanks again for your amazing customer service and wonderful product. Keep doing your thing sir, and I can promise that you've got a repeat customer right here, and I'm sure that you'll see a couple orders coming in from my friends and family in the near future."

-Ashby Bertamini

"I really appreciate the rad service you give. I pretty much wear the pants everyday. Always getting comments on them too."

-Levi Sheldon

These are my only pants I wear now. Officially retired and donated all other bottoms.

-Matthew Graziano

I just want to say they are amazing and I have pretty much, yet to take them off since I picked them up. My girlfriend is jealous and wants a pair now too!

-Adam Kammer

 I am not sure how you created life changing clothing but you did and I love all of it.

-Lisa Terry