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The Antidote (obsidian)
The Antidote (obsidian)
The Antidote (obsidian)
The Antidote (obsidian)
The Antidote (obsidian)
$189.00 CAD

The Antidote (obsidian)

Hemp has been grown since 8,000 BC and still requires no pesticides or herbicides to grow! It is an impeccable fabric in these Harem Pants for it’s strength, comfort and ability to adapt through changing weather conditions.

These pants will grow with you. Expect them to get softer and softer with use.

Stretch Level - LOW   Ideal for daily lifestyle - like any day you'd wear jeans or joggers. This has some stretch although it is not stretchy like an 'active' pant

note - No Sri-Yantra on the gusset :)


  • 55% Hemp
  • 41% Organic Cotton
  • 4% Spandex

Unisex sizing. The Antidote is for men and women.

Size Chart   (Waist Size)

Extra Small 25-26"
Small 27-29"
Medium 30-32"
Large 33-34"

Extra Large