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All-Time Tote
All-Time Tote

All-Time Tote

A multiple use bag for everything you do - groceries, yoga, overnight bag, school, work, sleepovers, picnics in the park, hot springs, sewing class, road trips, camping..

Made from our leftover Antidote pant fabric. 100% sewn by Blake (Seed Founder and Owner) in our Cochrane AB design studio.

Local hand-woven handles (made on a wood loom in Cochrane AB).

Community created All-Time Tote.

This bag will grow with you. Expect it to get softer and awesomer with use.


  • 55% Hemp
  • 41% Organic Cotton
  • 4% Spandex

Unisex bag. The All-Time Tote is for men and women.