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The Antidote - Natural Dye Collection (fustic)
The Antidote - Natural Dye Collection (fustic)
The Antidote - Natural Dye Collection (fustic)
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The Antidote - Natural Dye Collection (fustic)

What if clothing came from the soil, and returned there naturally when it's life cycle is over? And what if the making of clothing didn't negatively affect any living thing on this planet?

100% naturally dyed from plant dyes right here in North America. And 100% ethically handcrafted in Canada.

Hemp is an impeccable fabric in these Harem Pants for it’s strength, comfort and ability to adapt through changing weather conditions.

The Natural Dye Collection (fustic) comes from 100% natural plant dye.

Fustic - This sunshine yellow colour is produced with Fustic. This dye, also called Maclura tinctoria, is a tropical hardwood found from Mexico to Argentina. It was well known to dye khaki uniforms during the early 1900's. Fustic dye is high in tannic acid, or tannins. The presence of tannin in a dye allows the colour to darken with exposure to oxygen and UV. When the cloth comes out of the dye bath, it starts as a lemony yellow, and slowly shifts into gold as the cloth breathes. Expect your garment dyed with Fustic to darken slowly and take on a peachy undertone after prolonged exposure to sun. ALSO - Each pair is unique! In colour and dye.

Also, expect small amounts of dye to come out in the first couple washes - Why? Because it's natural. Chemical dyes are made to unnaturally bind to clothes, and because of this, they then bind to everything. Once these chemical dyes get in to water and natural systems (like rivers, streams, oceans, plants and wildlife) it's almost impossible to get them out.

Ideally wash with natural soap (a PH neutral soap is best) in your washing machine or by hand, and store your garment out of direct light.

These pants will grow with you. Expect them to get softer and softer with use.

Ideal for daily lifestyle like hiking, traveling, meditation, light yoga and music festivals



  • 55% Organic Hemp
  • 41% Organic Cotton
  • 4% Spandex

Unisex sizing. The Antidote - Natural Dye Collection (indigo) is for men and women.

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Double Extra Large



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