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We Are The New Rich

We are the new rich.
..Who see that Interest is something we have in our passions, and in each other, not a fee tacked on to money.

We are the new rich.
..Who know that the Elite today is us who can look into each other's eyes, not an inherited position or affluence.

We are the new rich.
..who see that True Wealth is in our soils, and true Health is free.

We are the new rich.
..Who Profit from the love we give, not the money we take.

We are the new rich. And we are wealthier than we have ever been.

-Blake Ward (Seed Founder)

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  • Thank you for helping me compliment my consciousness with a pants that enrich my environment.

    Obscure Lump Luminous Mind on
  • Très beau

    Jessie Kelly on
  • This is SO good :D

    Allie on

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