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The Next Seed Sticker

"My goal was to capture the essence of Seed and the lifestyle of the people who wear Seed. I sketched this design in the shape of a diamond, as a play on the square shape of the Seed logo. When creating the sticker, I first created the linear outline of the landscape scene, in black and white, incorporating elements of nature to showcase what the Seed brand is." - Monica

And best of all, Monica did something really cool - that I didn't even notice the first time I looked at her design. She utilized articles of Seed clothing as the colours.

The colour for the shaded mountains, comes from the Himalaya tee (Alpenglow). The grey clouds from the Natural Dye Collection (clay), and the blue sky from the Indigo Natural Dye Collection. The sunshine is from the All-Time Tote. 

If you're not seeing any of these, simply zoom in on the picture to see the detail! You will see the stitching from the pockets, for example, in the Indigo sky.

The slogan "From Nature. For Nature." is inspired from the spirit of Seed and the fabrics.

Much love to our amazing community and all our creators, and in this case, especially to Monica McNeil @mxmink

Blake - founder and owner of Seed 




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  • Awesome. Please make another black pair.

    Andrea Baburske on

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